T. L. Wiens is a writer and speaker who shares life experiences through her books and speaking events.

After working with youth as a youth group leader, she realized the gravity of the issues many young people face. In an effort to both understand and help, she began writing. Sharing her faith in Jesus Christ has been a way for her to not only offer answers for some tough issues but also give hope to the people her message has helped.

Apple Cider with Cinnamon

Edited by N. L. Lindquist

Hot apple cider

If you need encouragement and want to experience love in action, this book has it all. Heart warming stories that will have even the most skeptical believing love does exist and will find you when and where you least expect it.

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In Search of Truth

Shevie Rancher has had it with religion. She decides it’s time to pack up and head out of “religionville” to search for the place where she can enjoy life. It doesn’t take long to realize the freedom she thought she wanted didn’t live up to her visions of what she imagined. Confronted with faith that didn’t look anything like what she grew up with has Shevie questioning not only her choices but her understanding of all things Christian.


“This is a novel that should be passed around schools for a number of reasons.  We have the victim–a girl named Shevie.  She is a perfect example of the lost masses we are called to reach.  We have two different types of Christians–the ones who help people to get the pat on the back and the ones who truly care about people and aren’t interested in publicity.  Then we have the bystanders–people who see tragedy in action and do nothing to prevent it.  Sometimes these characters overlap.”

Donna Dawson

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Edited by N. J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles

ISBN 978-0-9784963-1-9


Thirty-seven Canadian authors have come together to offer courage, hope, and inspiration to readers through the true to life faith based stories and poetry. Expect to be stirred and encouraged as you savour the flavour of a Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider.

In “Careful What You Whisper” you find out how dealt with the difficulties after breaking my back.



MAKING THE BITTER SWEET                                   

by T.L. Wiens


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How far reaching is the web of bullying?

High school jock and bully, Nick Crenshaw is about to find out as his victim returns to their hometown to seek revenge.

Will the result be satisfaction or will this victim need to go further?

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by T.L. Wiens


Available as an ebook!




Rain never stood a chance. Born a daughter of a prostitute, there seemed little choice but to follow her mother’s example.

Then Rain meets Lance Hawkins. He’s lived the storybook life where every rainbow comes to an end at a pot of gold. Or so she thinks.

Can these two broken people help each other heal and find the life that brings them both real happiness?


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“Where a Little Rain Comes Down is a book with pain and answers, similar to books that deal with childhood disabilities or peculiar allergies, or any other type of need with few answers.”                                                                     

~Claire Alexander



“Wiens is a skilled worker in the making of complex plots.  Her stories etch out the lives of detailed characters and the reader is kept guessing at each stage of the story.”                                                                                         

~Donna Dawson


ISBN 098110561-0


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Christmas Chaos

Edited by Roberta Laurie

Twenty-five true stories by different authors who share their Christmas experiences. You’ll laugh, cry and be filled with the Christmas spirit as you journey through the holidays from someone else’s life.

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